Jewellery Care

Silver is a fairly soft and delicate metal, there are a few simple tips I can give you, most of which you probably already know!

Jewellery scattered with tools on bench

Over time, sterling silver jewellery oxidise in areas that aren’t being rubbed or worn eg: in cracks and details in the piece – this is normal and it is naturally what happens to silver.

Do not wear jewellery when in the swimming pool, spa or sauna as Chlorine can cause damage to your piece.

Do not throw or bend your jewellery. You will get to wear these pieces for a long time if you show them general love and avoid being careless with them.

To avoid getting jewellery caught on clothing when undressing, remove your jewellery first to avoid snags on your clothes and damage to your jewellery.

Make sure you put on your jewellery after applying any perfume – do not spray perfume onto jewellery and this can tarnish or damage your piece.

If your item is Gold Plated, do not shower with the piece on as this can remove the Plating quickly. it will naturally show some wear overtime and can even look kinda cool, but if you want your piece re plated, please contact me and I can arrange this for you for a small fee.

Wipe jewellery clean with the polishing cloth provided after each wear to remove make up & oils from skin.

Store each piece of jewellery separately if possible, either in individual cloth pouches, or in a jewellery case with separate compartments.

Remover your jewellery when doing any sort of cooking or cleaning to avoid exposure to detergents, bleaches, baking soda, and products containing ammonia as these may damage your pieces.

Pieces with pearls may contain a jeweller’s glue so avoid storing pieces in or extreme heat or cold or eg: putting your hands near a heater or fire whilst wearing your piece.