How is my jewellery made?

I first make every piece in wax, the wax is then sent to get cast where they pour silver into a mould which contains the wax, the silver melts away the wax and replaces it in it's place. Once I have the piece in silver, I then clean it up by filing, using emery paper, polishing and tumbling, sometimes additional treatments maybe added, e.g the blackened finish or gold plating.

Why is it made in wax first?

Making pieces in wax gives me the freedom to be a lot more creative making different shapes as it is easy to work with, it is also cheaper and takes less time to create compared to if I was using silver.

What does ‘cast into silver’ mean?

Once I’m happy with how each pieces looks in wax, I then send it off to have a cast (mould) made of each piece. This means that each fine detail will be copied across to the final piece. Once the cast is made silver gets poured in creating the piece in silver.

Why will my order take 1-3 weeks?

I make to order, I’m a small business and It’s just me making everything myself. It will most likely be less than 3 weeks, but I need to allow that time if I have a lot of orders.

Because most of jewellery I make requires it to be made in wax and then cast in silver, I physically cannot have it made and sent within a week unfortunately. 

How do I take care of my jewellery?

Please refer to the ‘Jewellery Care’ page on our website, there a lot of tips and tricks to keeping your piece lookin’ fine.


If you have any further questions please feel free to send me an email at info@jewelthievesstore.com.